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Successful Restaurant Owner

Proficient in diverse culinary styles and concepts, ready to assist you with expert guidance.

Real solutions for dynamically changing market.

The key to any restaurant is efficient processes that produce profitable and sustainable operations. Each department within the restaurant must perform extremely well, independently and together, thus creating a harmonious flow of quality food & attentive service. The restaurant industry is a highly competitive market leaving little margin for error.

Our experienced consultants will help you develop your concept, turn around a struggling venture, or expand your market share. Our team will provide insights into your business and develop strategies to improve your brand. Take advantage of our new Management Program to help maximize profits.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

LEAN Operations

MYO utilizes the 5 principals of the LEAN management model to address waste reduction.

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Menu Development

Culinary professionals assist you in developing profitable & trendy menus to keep guest returning to your business.

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Staff Training

Elevate your team skills and confidence resulting in more productive employees and happier guests.

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Kitchen Staff

Sales Strategy

We'll create a plan to help you maximize your bottom line. Sales success increases employee morale that results in more profits.

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Restaurant Owner
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