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Restaurant Operations Consultants
Maximize Operational Efficiency

The key to any restaurant is efficient operations and processes.  From the parking lot to the payment of the check, and every process in between, operations will make or break a business.   Consumers can easily determine whether or not a restaurant is operating properly based on the quality of their experience as a guest in your establishment.  Restaurant cleanliness, hospitality, timely readiness and delivery of meals, speed of overall service, quality and value of the food, and its presentation, all create the guest experience.  Each department within the restaurant must perform extremely well, independently and together, thus creating a harmonious flow of quality service delivery.  The restaurant industry is a highly competitive market, therefore, in most cases, you have one opportunity to shine and impress the customer enough so that he/she is willing to return.  

Consistency is a major factor in your restaurant operations.  Having efficient processes in place leads to consistency. However, it is not enough to simply have policies and procedures in place.  It is just as important to ensure your team clearly understands the policies, procedures, and processes;  clearly understands how they relate to and affect their duties, and is carefully and accurately following them. Our restaurant management consultants will help you achieve greater efficiency in your processes.   

While utilizing LEAN training, MYO restaurant operations consultants will advise you in all departments regarding efficient operations management.  Our training and process recommendations not only assist managers but also aid the entire restaurant team in understanding the important day-to-day drivers that are necessary to maintain & increase profitability.  

  • Operations Assessment

  • FOH Training

  • BOH Training

  • Financial Training

  • Purchasing

  • Bar Mixology

  • Vendor Management

  • Food Storage & Handling

  • Restaurant Turnaround  

Restaurant Consultant Dallas
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