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Management Program

Transform your restaurant today: Discover the power of our New Business Management Program

Leverage our elite management and financial team, and you can confidently anticipate not just a boost in your profits, but the realization of your business's maximum earning potential. 

We're thrilled to share exciting enhancements to our suite of consulting offerings! Beginning in February 2024, we're rolling out a groundbreaking service designed to elevate your business management strategies. These innovations come as a direct response to your feedback, underscoring our commitment to empowering your success.

Introducing Our New Business Management Service:

  • Comprehensive Restaurant Management: Take the helm of your day-to-day operations with expert guidance, ensuring seamless efficiency.

  • Contract Analysis and Optimization: Let us scrutinize your service contracts, offering actionable insights to enhance your operational agreements.

  • Financial Mastery: Navigate through the financial landscape with annual budgeting and detailed weekly reporting, paired with insightful reviews of your monthly financial statements, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow analyses.

  • Strategic Weekly Consultations: Engage in thought-provoking weekly discussions with your management team to dissect trends, set benchmarks, and overcome hurdles.

  • Menu Excellence: Benefit from our dog/star menu analysis, seasonal adaptations, and meticulous implementation strategies.

  • Expert Accounting and Bookkeeping: Leverage third-party expertise for flawless financial management.

  • Operational Excellence with MYO Playbook: Achieve and surpass your monthly KPIs by adhering to our proven kitchen and front-of-house strategies.

  • Inventory and Production Oversight: Ensure accuracy and efficiency in your inventory and production systems.

  • KPI Accountability: We stand by you in the commitment to meet monthly performance indicators.

  • Service and Execution Mastery: Elevate your service structure and execution across all areas, including the front-of-house and bar.

  • Empowering Staff Training: Cultivate a skilled and motivated team ready to deliver exceptional service.

  • Culture and Principles Development: Foster a vibrant workplace culture grounded in strong management principles.

  • Visionary Growth Strategies: Plot your path to expansion, whether through additional units or franchising.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Management labor costs kept below 10%.
2. A dedicated staff team is already in place.
3. Annual sales exceeding $2.5 million; for multi-unit ventures, a threshold of over $5 million.
Fee Structure and Terms:

  • Enjoy a competitive rate of just 5% of your gross sales, calculated and payable monthly, excluding taxes.

  • Commit to a transformative journey with a one-year engagement term.

  • Initial payment, based on your average sales over the previous three months, is required before services commence, ensuring a partnership rooted in mutual commitment.

  • Simplify transactions with our ACH draft approval process.

Embrace this opportunity to redefine excellence in your business operations. Our new services are not just about meeting needs; they're about setting new standards, driving growth, and realizing the full potential of your establishment. Let's embark on this journey together, crafting a future where your business doesn't just grow—it thrives.

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