Concept Development

Developing a concept for your restaurant involves more than just choosing a cuisine, it involves planning the details for many practical issues.  Deciding to be a casual, fast casual, quick serve or fine dining are important.  However more crucial issues such as design, financing, equipment layout, market research and demographics must be addressed as well.  

Well thought out concepts correlate with successful branding, In turn, branding represents who you are and how unique your restaurant is from the competition.  Therefore, your design should be scalable, and if you decide, franchiseable.  The ambiance must match the restaurant you are trying to create. Many times, operators overlook this very important process, and unfortunately, have to reinvest capital into their business at a later date. 

We'll assist you by developing the conceptual plan for your restaurant.  Advising you on making your vision a reality.  Performing market research to help determine location placement.  Implementing the world recognized LEAN methodology for equipment placement, kitchen design, and dining areas.

  • LEAN kitchen

  • Market research

  • Concept branding

  • Equipment

  • Design

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