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Restaurant Branding 
Your Reputation Is Your Brand

The success of your restaurant relies heavily on how current and potential customers view your operation.  What makes your business unique?  Do your employees know the vision of your establishment? Restaurant branding is putting the horse before the cart.  Unfortunately, many companies market their business without first putting much thought into branding; as a result, sending mixed or unintended messages to the consumer.

Restaurant branding indicates who you are and what you value as a business.  Customers should clearly see your brand as they drive onto your parking lot.  A manicured property, excellent customer service, great food, and cleanliness, are all fundamental basic staples of restaurant branding and are expected by consumers.  The core principles and values for which you want your restaurant known should permeate through your four walls and beyond.  For example, when you think Chic Fil A, what comes to mind?  Is it the customer service, tasty food, consistency, or closed on Sunday's.  All of the aforementioned sums up who they are before they even spend a dime on marketing.

MYO will help you establish a restaurant branding strategy that will articulate to the public your restaurant's identity, principles, and values.  Thereafter, we will assist with further elaborating on your restaurant's image and culture through the identification of the appropriate marketing channels.

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